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Musical Direction, Keyboards, Vocal Coach, Repertoire Coach,

Transcriptions, Arrangements, Composition, Sound Design 


Contact Information:

71 Chestnut Ave. Wolfville, N.S. B4P 1V9

Ph: (902) 690-7015


1985 Dalhousie University Graduate in Piano Performance.

Graduate studies in piano performance, Western University. (Ronald Turini)

Private Voice studies with Deborah Jeans, 1995 -1997.

Vocal Workshops with Michael Warren 1996 -1997.

Composition studies with Dr. D. Farrell 1999 - 2000.




2017:  Voice and Speech instructor, Acadia University

2016/2017:  Piano Instructor, accompanist  Acadia University

2014:  Voice and Speech Instructor Acadia University

2013/2014: classroom music instructor, New Booker School, Wolfville

2013: guest instructor, voice and speech, Acadia Theatre Studies

2012:  Director and Instructor with Stage Power Schools (private instruction)

2006-2007- music theatre instructor (head) Acadia University School of Music

2000-2001 - singing instructor Dalhousie University Theatre Program

1999-2000 - singing instructor Dalhousie University Theatre Program

1992-1993 - singing instructor Dalhousie University Theatre Program

1986 - piano instructor Canadian Conservatory

1980 to present -  private musical instruction (piano, theory - conservatory style and functional).

1985 to present -  private vocal coach/repertoire coach/audition preparation.



2019:  Merrit Award Nominee:  “Outstanding Musical Direction:  Peter Pan

2018:  Merrit Award nominee: “Outstanding Musical Direction’:  Cinderella

2012:  Sterling Award “Outstanding Production”  (musical director/pianist), Chicago

2011:  “Best Musical Direction:  Merrit Award Nominee (musical direction, arrangements)  Jacques Brel

2010:  Betty Mitchell Award Nominee “Outstanding Musical Direction” (co-musical director) (British Invasion)

2010:  Merrit Award Nominee:  Outstanding Musical Direction  (Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well)

2009:  Sterling Award Nominee “Outstanding Musical Direction” ( Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)

2007 ECMA recipient for Best Children’s Recording (Anne and Gilbert) , co-producer and original Musical Director (World Premier in 2005)



2002: Composed, performed and recorded original score for independent film Quilts (Original Six productions- Brian Heighton producer, director, writer), aired by CBC in 200




Sound Design/Composition - from 1989., for Neptune Theatre, Acadia Theatre Productions, Dalhousie University Theatre Department, Ship’s Company

Provincial Music Competition: official Music Theatre Accompanist, 2017

Annapolis Valley Honour Choir 2016 - present:  Rehearsal and performance accompanist, Senior and Junior Choirs

Concert Accompanist for various classical instrumental and choral concerts, musical theatre and opera across Canada and the U.S.. 

Audition Pianist since 1982.



AFM local 571, CMTA 




Professional Productions


Production:                              Company/Director:                       Function:


The Last 5 Years                        Neptune Theatre/M.Kash               Pianist/Arranger


Peter Pan                                     Neptune Theatre/J.Webb               Musical Director/Arranger

Cinderella (July – Aug))             Neptune Theatre/J.Webb               Musical Director/Arranger


Cinderella (Nov – Jan 2019)       Neptune Theatre/J.Webb              Musical Director/Arranger

Mama Mia                                  Neptune Theatre                             Keyboards


Unexpectedly Trans                    Toronto/Halifax Fringe                Arranger/track recording

                                                     M. Hanlon MacGregor

I’m Your Man: The music of     Chester Playhouse                         Piano, Arranger

L. Cohen                                     M Martin

Anton in Show Business            Acadia Theatre Productions          Sound Design/mentor

                                                    Robert Seale

I Do I Do                                    Valley Summer Theatre                  Piano

                                                   P. Halstead


Anne and Gilbert                       National Arts Centre                        Musical Director/Pianist

                                                   M. Irving                                          Conductor

Broadway On Argyle                 Off The Leash/Willpower                Musical Director/Pianist

                                                    C. Lejeune                                       Arranger, Conductor

Anne and Gilbert                        Campbell Webster/The Guild (PEI)     Musical Director/Pianist

                                                    M. Irving                                          Conductor      






Production:                          Company/Director:                           Function:



Chicago                                      Mayfield Theatre                             Co-musical Director/vocal 

                                                   R. Jenkins                                         director/keyboards



You’re a Good Man. Charlie     Chester Playhouse                           Musical Director/arranger/

Brown                                        M. Martin                                         Keyboards

Jacques Brel                               Chester Playhouse                           Musical Director/arranger

                                                   M. Martin                                         Keyboards

Threepenny Opera                     Opera Nova Scotia                           Musical Director/keyboards

                                                   D. Overton                                       conductor

Into the Woods                          Dalhousie Theatre Productions        Musical Director/keyboards

                                                   H. Pillar                                            conductor


The Light Gets In:  The            Magnus Theatre                                Arranger, Musical Director

Music of Leonard Cohen          B. MacDonald

Heroine                                     Run Through Productions                Sound Designer

                                                  R. Seale

The Last Five Years                  Chester Summer Theatre                  Musical Director/arranger

                                                   M. Martin                                          Keyboards


British Invasion                          Stage West, Calgary                        Musical Director

                                                    A. Lund                                           (replacement), keyboards 

 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels            Mayfield Theatre                            Musical Director/Keyboards

                                                    M. Ryan


Anne and Gilbert                         Campbell Webster Productions/    Musical Director/Keyboards/

                                                     H. Ford                                           conductor

The Cripple of Inishmaan            Acadia Theatre Productions/         Sound Design

                                                     R. Seale


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes          Mayfield Theatre/ J. Smith           Keyboards

Working: The Musical                Acadia School of Music/              Musical Director/conductor/

                                                     R. Seale                                        Keyboards

4.48 Psychosis                             Acadia Theatre Department/        Sound Design/composer

                                                     M. Devine


The Illusion                                 Acadia Theatre Department/          Sound Design

                                                    J. Capraru

Aladdin                                       Silver Mist Productions/                Musical Director/keyboards

                                                    R. Duffy

Guys and Dolls                           Theatre Calgary                              Keyboards    (Sub)   






Production:                          Company/Director:                           Function:


Threepenny Opera                      Acadia Theatre Projects/                Musical Director/Arranger/

                                                    M. Devine                                       Keyboards

Anne and Gilbert                        Victoria Playhouse/D. McIntosh    Musical Director/keyboards/


Wizard of Oz                              Mayfield Theatre (Edmonton)       Vocal Director/Associate

                                                    J. Brewer                                        Musical Director/keyboards/

                                                                                                            Rehearsal pianist

The Sea                                       Acadia University/M. Devine         Sound Design


Trojan Women                          Acadia University/C. Bernhardt       Sound Design

Carousel                                     Mayfield  Theatre                            Keyboards/Vocal Coach/

                                                   J. Brewer                                         Assistant Musical Director/


Christmas At The Playhouse     T.N.B. School/L. Rivenbark            Keyboards

Merrily We Roll Along             Dalhousie University Theatre          Musical Director/Keyboards/

                                                   Productions/D.Overton                    conductor

Menopositive                             One Ear Up Productions                  Pianist

Dracula: A Chamber                  Charlottetown Festival/                   Musical Director/Pianist/

Musical                                      D. McIntosh                                     conductor

Eight to the Bar                         Charlottetown Festival/                    Musical Director/Pianist/

                                                   D. McIntosh                                     Conductor

Gypsy                                        Mayfield  Theatre/                            Assistant Musical Director/

                                                   J. Brewer                                          Keyboards/Rehearsal Pianist

Berlin to Broadway                   University of N.B.                            Musical Director/Pianist/

                                                   L.                                                      Conductor



Evita                                          Mayfield  Theatre                             Assistant Musical Director/

                                                  J. Brewer                                           Keyboards/Rehearsal Pianist

Three Penny Opera                   Dalhousie Theatre Productions        Musical Director/conductor/

                                                  D. Overton                                        Keyboards


Singin’ in the Rain                    Mayfield  Theatre                             Assistant Musical Director/

                                                   (Edmonton)                                      Keyboards/Rehearsal Pianist

                                                  J. Brewer

Gypsy                                        Neptune Theatre                               Assistant Musical Director/

                                                  R. Ulrich                                           Keyboards/Rehearsal Pianist

I Love You, You’re Perfect,     Neptune Theatre                               Musical Director/Pianist

Now Change                             R. Ulrich






Production:                          Company/Director:                           Function:


Cabaret                                      Neptune Theatre                               Keyboards/Assistant 

                                                  R. Ulrich                                           Musical Director

Emily                                        Charlottetown Festival                      Piano/Keyboards (sub)

Oliver                                        Elsinore Theatre                               Musical Director/Pianist

                                                  J. Webb

Nunsense                                   Festival Antigonish                          Musical Director/conductor/

                                                   D. Overton/J. Overton                     keyboards

A Life in the Theatre                 Elsinore Theatre                               Sound Design

                                                   R. Donat

The Government Inspector        Neptune Theatre                              Sound Design

                                                   L. Moore

Lilly, Alta.                                 Dalhousie Theatre Productions        Musical Director/composer/

                                                   B. MacKay                                       Sound Design

FOR full list of professional productions, arrangements and compositions, please contact me at:


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