Dal Segno Studio Policies 2020/2021:

COVID-19 dictates that all lessons are online only, until further notice.

Online lessons will require the student to have access to the internet.  The faster the speed, the more like a live session the experience will be.  


I am experimenting with various platforms – all free.  Currently I am using Zoom, and will send instruction for using it in music mode, and other tips I have found help with issues of time lag and freezing.


Fees are discussed and agreed upon prior to sessions:

Lesson/Coaching Fee:  2020/2021:  $55/hour (incrementally)

Other Services:  as per fee schedule. Contact instructor. Individual Coaching:  Payment is due at the beginning of the session. No exceptions.


Cash, Cheque, e-transfers accepted.


Regularly Scheduled Lessons:  2020/2021 Payment is due monthly on the first lesson of each month. No exceptions.

Arrangements can be made for missing a lesson if you know that there are appointments, or family vacations.  These must be made at the beginning of each month when you pay for the month of lesson, to allow the instructor to re-book your time. In this online scenario, snow days will not be an issue, unless the power goes out.  In that case, we will re-book or pay it forward to the next month. 

LATE PAYMENTS:  will result in forfeit of your reserved time. 


Supplies: Due to the digital nature of COVID lessons arrangements, students will be responsible for downloading new material, and providing the instructor with a digital copy.  In the case of material I already possess, there will be no charge.  If the student needs help with a digital sheet music purchase, the charge for downloading newly purchased music will be agreed upon and paid before the material is downloaded..


The instructor will provide free of charge: recorded accompaniments, vocal tracks, exercises etc. The student will need an at-home method of working with the recordings. 


Missed Lesson/Coaching:

24 hour minimum notice is required by both student and instructor.

If a session is missed by either student or instructor, it will be made up at a mutually agreeable time.  This allows the instructor to re-book the time and not lose revenue. If the student’s cancellation notice (24 hour) has not been appropriately given, the student will be charged for the session.  Exceptions made for emergencies.



It is the student’s responsibility to pay for materials needed for the session.  If the instructor is expected to acquire materials for the student – books, downloaded music -  (with student’s/parent’s  prior agreement, and that the instructor doesn’t already possess) ), payment for these materials will happen before the instructor acquires them.  


For better sound quality on Zoom, a USB microphone is recommended.  


Exams, Festivals, Performances, Auditions:

It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor of the desire to prepare for Conservatory exams, performances, and auditions in reasonable time for proper preparation and booking of the instructor as accompanist.   Any entrance fees are the responsibility of the student.